If you knew


The series ‘If you knew’ contains drawings visualizing the total destruction of cities in the Syrian war. Like the bombarded cities in World War II in Germany the city remains become a colourless skeleton of brick and concrete. The remains of the city fall into an intriguing basic structure. Reduced to a grey frame without human activity, no recognizable stuff to see. No furniture, children’s toys, traffic signs, nothing. But still, in contradiction with the horror there is visual beauty in this.


‘..het is nooit af..’


In the centre of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands DAAD architects build a five stories high house. It looks as if it is not finished and in fact it isn’t. The construction of this house has so far lasted 10 years. In this period many of the details that give the house it’s character were conceived by the client, the architect and the craftsmen that co-operate in the project.

The two leading architects of the building asked different people to reflect on the project. I made a series of drawings in which the open first floor is replaced by a huge led screen on which artists can show visuals of nature, gardens, green stuff, to create a contrast between the city and the sustainable concept of this building. The idea for the rest of the first floor is to create a highly isolated room to shut of all incentives of the city.


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